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Owner onboarding requirements
Owner onboarding requirements
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Business type

There are two business types you can create:

  • individual - Collect information about a person.

  • company - Collect information about a company and its beneficial owners.

Owner Onboarding

The easiest way to collect identity verification information from users is to use Owner Onboarding. It handles the collection and identity verification for each owner via a web form hosted by Yorlet which means your landlords can self-serve their information reducing the complexity of handling that sensitive information yourself.

How to use Owner Onboarding

  1. Go to your Branding settings page to customise the visual appearance of the hosted web form: you can provide your business or trading name, brand colour and icon.

  2. Create a new Owner account with at least an email address or use an existing Owner record.

  3. If you already have information about the owner you can provide this when creating the account or by updating the record. The more information you can provide the less information Owner Onboarding will prompt your landlord for.

  4. Go to the Actions menu and select Create onboarding link.

  5. Send this one-time-use owner onboarding link to your owner. It will expire in seven days, but you can create another one if needed.

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